Friday, 23 May 2008

Devlin silver is the stuff of duchesses and dreams

CONFESSION: until recently, I had dismissed contemporary silversmith Stuart Devlin as the maker of quirky novelties  sold for lots of money as “limited editions” either by mail order or else in shops too exclusive for their own good.

You know the kind of things I mean. The Sunday colour supplements are full of them. Then I saw the massive centrepiece pictured here.

For a start, Devlin is primarily a designer, not a maker, and it was he who conceived this amazing, almost futuristic three-section candelabrum.

See a slidewho ow Devlin silver here.

A commission from none other than the late Duke and Duchess of Westminster,

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Thursday, 15 May 2008

Converts to the clan of collectors!

Oh how I love compliments! Thanks to "Jules and Andy" who posted this email:

Hi Chris

Just recently my partner and I made our first ever auction purchase on a picture of two quirky little owls.  We fell in love with it straight away but had no idea who the painter was.  After acquiring this little treasure we began to research it to find out more about it.  We came across your article on H B Neilson and were warmed by your enthusiasm for his work.  We now believe it to be one of his pieces and just wanted to send you a photograph of the picture in gratitude for all the research you have done on Harry and of course show that people still do appreciate his talent (even though we had no clue who he was!).

Thank You

No, Jules and Andy, thank you! . Read about Harry Neilson here - perhaps you'll catch the collecting bug.