Sunday, 23 September 2007

Golf clubs auction set to score hole in one

rare golf clubsAt the outset, let me make it clear I am not a golfer, nor do I have any desire to become one.

That said, I could become an armchair golfer, or rather a collector of the implements associated with the sport. My interest stems from watching an auction of golfing memorabilia some years ago in which a single golf club sold for a record £49,000.

Dating from the earliest days of golf, the club had been made by a blacksmith, so it was pretty crude, to say the least. It was discovered in a garden shed in Edinburgh and the story made international headlines.

It was not unlike the "Very Early and Important Square Toe Light Iron, circa 1600" pictured in the slideshow here. Indeed, it may be the very same club. Either way, prices have spiralled in the meantime.Read more »

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