Friday, 10 March 2006

Ten ways to sell well on eBay

  • Always start your sales during the week, so that they finish at the weekend, when most potential buyers are at their computers
  • Most sales happen in the closing minutes of the sale, so don’t waste buyers’ time with long listings. Research has proved against the argument that long auctions raise awareness and therefore prices. They don’t.
  • Always illustrate your lots with quality photographs – a good digital camera is an essential.
  • If you chose to add a “buy it now” option to your auction, set the price high. A lower price might attract more bidders but not necessarily result in higher value bids.
  • If you’re unsure of values, search completed sales to find objects similar to your own.
  • Target new or unsuccessful bidders. Auction psychology suggests that they are likely buyers if you have something similar to what they want.
  • Write well-written descriptions. Keep them punchy and to the point, but above all be honest.
  • Answer emails from potential buyers swiftly and honestly. And ship goods to buyers without delay once they’ve paid.
  • Make it easy for them to pay by using an electronic service such as Paypal. Be very careful about accepting cheques.
  • Always leave fair feedback. That will encourage your buyers to do the same for you, thus enhancing your selling reputation.



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