Friday, 10 February 2006

How to Buy and Sell Antiques - the guidebook for the aspiring dealer

I've never fancied becoming a dealer, the life is too precarious. But if I ever change my mind, the first thing I'd do is buy a copy of the newly-updated How to Buy and Sell Antiques, claimed by the publishers as the only book which covers how to make and save money buying antiques and collectables.

The guide was written by dealer and TV antiques expert Fiona Shoop, who will be known to fans of such UK TV shows as Cash in the Attic, Everything Must Go and Boot Sale Challenge.

Fiona draws on her 23 years of experience in the trade to teach people how it's done, highlighting the tricks of the trade and listing some of the common and costly mistakes that newcomers make.

Buying and selling antiques is an increasingly popular pastime, the book says, particularly with the rise of online dealing and many people find it can develop into viable business opportunity.

Divided into easy-to-use segments, the book is an easy but informative read, full of facts and a surprising amount of humour.

It covers:

* What to buy and sell
* Where to buy and how much to pay
* Where and how to sell
* Using the internet
* Doing it properly – the paperwork and the payback

How to Buy and Sell Antiques is published by How To Books Ltd. and is available at £14.99 in major bookshops and online retailers.



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